Kelly Stone. Photo: Brittany Gawley

New opportunities for our communities: big changes are here.

New opportunities for our communities: big changes are here.

Warm regards to our dedicated members across Canada! It’s the beginning of summer and the warmth of the sun is reaching our communities.

Every year from coast to coast to coast, families in Canada from a diversity of backgrounds face a changing set of social and economic challenges. With the help of members like you, who focus on addressing the changing needs of families, the opportunity for not just surviving, but thriving has become much greater. I want to take the time to thank you for your continued support, tireless work, and valued membership.

I’m pleased to announce our organization has a new name and logo. As of today, the Canadian Association of Family Resource Programs (FRP Canada) is now: Families Canada. As a 42-year-old organization with a rich history, we felt it was time for a change in our image toward something more modern and reflective of where the organization is headed.

With rapid internal growth and new projects and resources on the horizon, our name change represents more of what we do in our organization. We’re more than just an association. We’re reaching more and more families each day through our new and exciting projects and initiatives.

With seven clear initiatives and corresponding projects in the works, we encourage you to keep a close eye on our communications in the coming weeks for sneak peeks at some of the exciting projects we are working on for you!

For over 40 years, we have supported our valued members who are the glue that hold our diverse communities together. We will continue to do this as we provide our accessible, innovative, and evidence based/informed resources for members working directly with families and children. We continue to be the only national membership-based association looking out for the needs of family support centres and community organizations across Canada. As members you are sharing in the commitment to helping Canadian families and children thrive.

We are your association and we are committed to, first and foremost, meeting your needs in a manner which allows us to interact with you in a useful, modern way, while not losing traditional access for those who rely on it. In the coming weeks and months we ask that you watch your mailboxes for our annual membership mailout.

Changing the engines while keeping the airplane flying is not an easy task for any organization; it takes determination, funds, and much patience all around. We have greatly appreciated your patience as members throughout this process.

Helping to build the capacity of parents, caregivers, and our members who support families remains our priority in helping children to thrive. In addition to joining our mailing list, please like, follow, and connect with us on social media for greater access to our resources.

We look forward to seeing a Canada committed to building strong families with you.

 A Message from Kelly Stone, President & CEO, Families Canada

Written by: Mateo Peralta

Kelly Stone. Photo: Brittany Gawley
June 15, 2018