Financial Literacy

Families Canada helps ensure financial literacy programs meet the needs of at-risk women, promotes education savings, and participates in national financial literacy events. Learn more about our work in this area.

Intergenerational Programming

Pairing seniors with youth and children creates positive outcomes for both groups. Learn more about how we bring people of all ages together in family support centres.

Children’s Rights

Children’s rights are central to our commitment to building strong families and championing the priorities, policies and programs that help strengthen families. Learn about how we help family support practitioners promote and uphold children’s rights in their everyday work.

Nutrition & Food Safety

While excellent resources are available to Canadians regarding food safety, many of these resources are inaccessible to new immigrant parents who may not have the required language or literacy skills to understand them. Learn about how we’re addressing this gap.

Social Inclusion of Newcomers

Family support centres are often among the first points of contact for new Canadians. Families Canada produces resources and pilots programming that help newcomers settle in Canada. Learn more about our work.


Families Canada plays an active role in supporting the Positive Discipline in Everyday Parenting and Nobody’s Perfect parenting programs in Canada. Learn more about our role.

Early Childhood Development & Play 

Play is an essential to children’s healthy development. Learn how we help parents and practitioners support play.

Trauma- and Violence-Informed Approaches 

Trauma- and violenceinformed approaches are critical for recognizing and responding to individuals who are affected by trauma and violenceLearn more about how we help family support centres adopt trauma and violence informed approaches.

COVID-19 Resources 

With funding from the Public Health Agency of Canada, Families Canada is working to increase the capacity of the family support sector to support vaccine confidence among the families you work with. Build your vaccine confidence and the confidence of families with our wide range of free and easy-to-download vaccine resources, webinars, and more!

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