Trauma and Violence-Informed Approaches

Trauma and Violence-Informed Approaches It is critical to incorporate trauma and violence-informed approaches (TVIA) into policies and practices to increase attention on the negative impacts of violence, to mitigate harm, and to provide positive supports to all individuals affected by trauma and violence. Learn about how we are committed to incorporating TVIA into our work. What is a Trauma and Violence-Informed Approach? According to the Public Health Agency of Canada (2018), trauma and violence are prevalent in society and can negatively affect any human being. Trauma occurs …

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Play Play is the universal right and language of childhood. It is through play that children learn, make friends, communicate, stay active, problem-solve, and make sense of the world around them. Families Canada has a long history of helping family support centres, practitioners, and families facilitate healthy child development through play. What is play and …

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Annual Report

Accountable to You Families Canada looks forward to sharing updates on its projects, activities, and finances every year. We are committed to offering our members the greatest possible variety and quality of resources and services. This goal is achieved through efficient operations, conservative administration costs and effective use of funds. Past Annual Reports Included here …

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Parenting Families Canada provides access to two comprehensive programs focused on enhancing parenting skills amongst our member organizations’ clients: • The Nobody’s Perfect Parenting Program • The Positive Discipline in Everyday Parenting Program NOBODY’S PERFECT Parenting Program Nobody’s Perfect is a facilitated parenting program for parents of preschoolers. The program is designed to meet the …

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Past Initiatives

Past Initiatives Families Canada’s past initiatives demonstrate that there are no blanket solutions to increasing family wellness—it takes a multi-pronged approach. Virtual InstituteBecome a MemberNews & EventsJoin Our Mailing ListMental Health Families Canada is committed to increasing the knowledge and sharing of promising practices currently being used by community-based family-serving programs in relation to mental …

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