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Support your community with the Nobody’s Perfect Program adapted and available to help immigrant communities connect with each other and their children.

Frequently Asked Questions.

What is Nobody’s Perfect?

The Nobody’s Perfect parenting program (NP) is a facilitated parenting program for parents of children from birth to age five. The program is designed to meet the needs of parents who are young, single, socially or geographically isolated, or who have low income or limited formal education. It is offered in communities across Canada by certified facilitators.

The Nobody’s Perfect program is based on what parents already know and what they do for themselves and their children. It draws on the experiences and interests of parents by having them play a role in the learning process.

Who is Nobody’s Perfect for?

Nobody’s Perfect is a program for parents of children from birth through age five. It is designed to meet the needs of parents who are: young; single; isolated; or who have low income and/or little formal education.

The program is not intended for families in crisis or those with serious challenges.

What are the benefits for parents?

The Nobody’s Perfect parenting program gives parents the opportunity to:

  • Meet with other parents of young children
  • Share their questions, concerns and ideas about being a parent
  • Learn about child development, safety, health and behaviour
  • Talk about real-life parenting experiences
  • Work together with the support of a trained facilitator
  • Discover ways of positive parenting

The Nobody’s Perfecting parenting program is proven to increase parents’:

  • Confidence in their parenting skills
  • Ability to cope with stress
  • Ability to problem solve
  • Self-sufficiency, resilience and independence
  • Positive interactions with their children
  • Use of positive discipline techniques
  • Access to peer/social/community support

What materials do I need?

The Parent Kit has evidenced-based content that reflects advances in the areas of child health, safety, behaviour and early child development. The Parent kits also offer parents information on topics like coping skills, anger management and family violence prevention. The Parent Kit contains:

  • A chart showing child development from birth to 5 years old
  • A growth chart for 2 to 5 year olds
  • 5 parent books (Behaviour, Body, Mind, Parents, and Safety)

Where can I find more information about Nobody’s Perfect?

Click the following links for the Nobody’s Perfect and Public Health Agency of Canada website pages.

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What is this project about?

The Multilingual Nobody’s Perfect Project is being piloted over a period of three years (2018-2021). This project is possible thanks to our partnership with the Public Health Agency of Canada and Toronto Public Health.

During this project, Families Canada will expand the Nobody’s Perfect parenting program (NPP) by providing Parent Kits in four additional languages: Spanish, Arabic, Simplified Chinese, and Punjabi. We will also offer free facilitator training in Ontario to encourage capacity building within communities.

Families Canada will also support facilitators and their organizations to host parent groups with the needed resources.

The Ontario Trillium Foundation has funded this project to support the positive development of children and youth by equipping minority language speaking parents and caregivers in Ontario with the skills to support children and youth who are facing barriers.

What is in it for me?

As an agency, you will be able to offer parents in your community the opportunity to take part in a parenting program in the language that makes them comfortable. This will encourage participation and discussions.

Families Canada will support you by:

  • Providing FREE Nobody’s Perfect Parent Kits in Spanish, Arabic, Simplified Chinese, and/or Punjabi
  • Reimbursing your agency (up to ~ $1000 per group) to help cover costs of running a Nobody’s Perfect parent group (this can include childminding, food, bus fare, etc.)
  • Providing a 4 day Nobody’s Perfect facilitator training for at least two staff members (if needed) for FREE
  • Providing FREE Nobody’s Perfect facilitator training materials (includes Facilitator Guide and Tip Sheets)
  • Providing on-going support and outreach before and during the running of parent groups

What are the minimum requirements to participate?

If you would like for your agency to participate in this project, your agency should:

  • Be able to send at least one staff member who speaks Spanish, Arabic, Mandarin, Cantonese, or Punjabi to attend a Nobody’s Perfect facilitator training


  • Your agency has a certified Nobody’s Perfect facilitator who speaks Spanish, Arabic, Mandarin, Cantonese, or Punjabi
  • Be able to run at least one Nobody’s Perfect Parenting Program group in Spanish, Arabic, Mandarin, Cantonese, or Punjabi
  • Be located in Ontario
  • Be willing to assist in simple data collection in order to evaluate the project

How many staff members from my organization can I send for training?

At least 2 staff members per agency are guaranteed a spot in the facilitator training workshop, with the opportunity to send more if spots become available.

Who can I send for training?

Potential facilitators should ideally:

  • Be comfortable communicating in at least one of the following languages: Spanish, Arabic, Mandarin/Cantonese or Punjabi.
  • Have a positive attitude and an open mind.
  • Be willing and eager to learn, grow and apply the concepts of Nobody’s Perfect.
  • Have good communication and interpersonal skills

How many hours of my time or staff time is needed?

Facilitators can expect to spend around 30 hours per group in coordination and facilitation time and 20 hours of facilitation time for an 8-session group. This can be about 4 – 5 hours total per weekly session. If training is needed staff will also spend 4 working days in training.

How many parent groups can I host?

There is no limit to the number of groups your agency can host. Most agencies host anywhere from 2 to 4 parent groups per year depending on the number of facilitators available and the demand in the community.

Can I host a Nobody’s Perfect parent group in English or French?

If you choose to participate in this project, you are still able to host groups in English and French. However, we cannot provide free Parent Kits in English or French and we are not able to reimburse any costs for English or French parent groups.

How do I apply?

Please apply by filling out our online form:

I don't meet all the requirements, can I still participate?

Yes! We are always looking to bring neighboring communities together. You may have the parents who speak one of the four languages but not have access to a facilitator who speaks the same language. We can help you find another agency near you who you can work with.

Please get in touch with us at for more information.

I have more questions.

Attend one of our online information sessions for more details about Nobody’s Perfect, the Multilingual Nobody’s Perfect Project, and what happens next.

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Want to know more? Attend one of our online information sessions.

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