Building Dementia Inclusion into Intergenerational Programming


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More Information

Building dementia inclusion into intergenerational programming not only benefits people with dementia and their younger counterparts but also contributes to more inclusive, educated, and compassionate communities.

As part of our project, Building Dementia Inclusion into Intergenerational Programming, supported by the Public Health Agency of Canada, we’ve created this series of tip sheets to help increase dementia inclusivity in family programming.

The tip sheets are a free resource and are available in French and English.

Tip sheets include:

  • Benefits of Intergenerational Programming for Seniors with Dementia
  • Creating Dementia-Friendly Spaces for Intergenerational Programs
  • Developing Dementia-Inclusive Intergenerational Programs
  • How to Talk to Children about Dementia
  • Activities Children can do with People Living with Dementia
  • Communicating with a Person Living with Dementia
  • Addressing Common Barriers to Participation
  • Helpful Resources