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June 22, 2023 | 1:00 - 2:30 ET | Virtual (Zoom) | $30

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Why Attend?

Following Dr. Stefania Maggi and Dr. Sebastiano Pocchi's highly anticipated conference session at the biennial Together for Families Conference, we're thrilled to bring you a deeper dive into effective parent-child communication. This new series will introduce you to the concept of Active Empathic Listening (AEL) over the course of four webinars focused on sharing evidence-based information on the life-changing impact of this dimension of human communication on a child's development.

If you're a professional whose work requires direct interactions with young children, then you NEED to attend this series!

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Being able to put oneself in someone else’s shoes is a critical skill believed to be fundamental to a thriving society and the survival of the human species. Young children have a heightened capacity for empathy, provided they are given the opportunity to observe this skill in others, and to safely practice it in interactions with their significant others. 

In this 90min webinar, participants will learn how to use conversations to strengthen young children’s innate propensity for empathy. Participants will also learn about the key scientific neuroscience and psychological evidence pointing to Active Empathic Listening (AEL) as a powerful practice to teach empathy in the early years and beyond.

Why is Active Empathic Listening important to your work?

AEL supports the optimal development of children while contributing to the growth of compassionate, open-minded, and respectful individuals that possess the socio-emotional skills required to thrive in their personal and professional lives and positively contribute to society at large.

Certificates of participation will be provided to those who complete the live webinar.


Confidently discuss the concept of empathy and its relevance to children’s social-emotional development.

Recognize non-verbal and para-verbal dimensions of communication as two channel to understand children’s emotions.

Be able to discuss socialization of emotion and its relevance to validation, knowledge, intelligence and remotion regulation.

Be able to apply Active Empathic Listening (AEL) strategies in conversations with young children to promote empathy development and family conflict resolution.

Who Can Benefit
From This Session?

If you have direct interactions with children as part of your work, then this session is for you! You'll gain invaluable insights from this session. Your job title might be:

·      Family support worker

·      Child and youth worker

·      Early childhood educator, kindergarten, primary, or middle school teacher

·      Social worker or social services support worker

·      Nurse, pediatrician, family doctor, or health care support worker

·      Family mediator, legal counsel, or family law practitioner


Expert Speakers 

Our speakers are internationally recognized researchers.

Dr. Stefania Maggi

Professor, Educator,
& Researcher

Carleton University

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Dr. Sebastiano Pocchi (he/him)

Researcher & Science


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