Sherry Sinclair


Sherry Sinclair is passionate about empowering people. Sherry’s work centres on facilitating health and safety for families with babies and young children. Reconciliation, diversity and relationships are some of her values. A daily dose of nature renews her spirit and gives her a better perspective.

Sherry is the Executive Director at the BC Association of Family Resource Programs. With over 20 years of community development experience in the family resource programs field, Sherry still marvels at the good things that can happen when possibility-minded people gather together. In her role, she is responsible for stakeholder collaboration across British Columbia and promoting quality practice within family resource programs.

She shares her Statement of Reconciliation and invites you to explore developing your own:

“Reconciliation is here now and stands with outstretched hands to you and to me. Find someone today and have a conversation about reconciliation” (Sherry Sinclair, TEDx Chilliwack, 2017).

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