Sarah McArdle

Project Officer


Sarah McArdle is a Project Officer at Families Canada. She manages projects that benefit at-risk families and the professionals who support them. Sarah is currently pursuing a Master’s in Education with a Concentration in Studies in Teaching and Learning at the University of Ottawa. She also holds an Honors Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from the University of Ottawa. A vast variety of experiences contributes to Sarah’s diverse professional and academic interests. For example, Sarah earned an award for outstanding contribution during her third year as a Youth Volunteer at St. Vincent Hospital, a mainly geriatric long-term care facility. She has also held a position as a Research Assistant in the Ottawa Social and Moral Development Lab, investigating prosocial behavior and cognition among toddlers and young children. She brings her insights, experience and learning from her diverse engagements to the projects at Families Canada. Sarah’s passions and interests include dramatic arts, travel, and food.

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