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Every Healthy Together session includes 3 key components.

Learning Activity

With over 30 learning activities covering topics including food, meal planning, budgeting, sleep, and movement guidelines.

Physical Activity

More than 30 physical activities with adaptations for all ages and abilities, and even consideration for space constraints!

Cooking Activity

Over 30 simple, fun to cook recipes with full ingredients and directions. Many can be prepared with limited cooking equipment.

Become a Healthy Together Facilitator

Become a certified Healthy Together facilitator to engage families to make healthy choices and build stronger relationships. 

Healthy Together is a family education program that engages the entire family in addressing nutrition, money management, moving more, and family connections. In a world of growing obesity rates and increased chronic disease, Healthy Together offers practitioners and community resource groups, the right tools and content to improve health outcomes for families.

You can become a Healthy Together certified facilitator today by taking the online facilitator training.

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Parents and caregivers shared

what they liked best about

Healthy Together...

"My son being able to create and make his own snack and put together and see the ingredients"

"Talking about safety, healthy foods and working at better relationships"

"Meeting other kids and their moms and discussing ideas and tactics to a healthier life."

"Allowing my child to try new things that I wouldn't have thought of having him try. Seeing other kids eat certain things helped him open up to trying too"

Register today & become a Healthy Together Facilitator!

The Healthy Together program was developed and created by The Bridge Youth & Family Services in 2011. Over the last 10 years, the program has successfully trained hundreds of Healthy Together facilitators across the country and supported the promotion of improved health outcomes for families. Now Families Canada is excited to be taking stewardship of this fantastic program. As the program enters this new chapter, Families Canada looks forward to welcoming new Healthy Together facilitators through this online training!    

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