Families Canada produces resources and pilots programming that help newcomers settle in Canada. Some resources are for newcomers, some are for people who work with newcomers.

Our research reports and multilingual resources are available in the resources and publications section of our website.

What is social inclusion and why is it important for newcomers?

Our Initiatives-What is social inclusion

The aim of social inclusion programs for newcomers is to attract and engage isolated new Canadian families (defined as immigrants who have lived in Canada for three or more years) to community-based family resource programs in order to:

  • build transferable skills;
  • enhance knowledge about Canadian practices and values;
  • increase intercultural understanding;
  • provide opportunities to contribute through volunteerism, including mentorship of other new Canadian families;
  • nurture broader social networks.

What We're Doing

Our Initiatives-What we are doing-Social Inclusion

Between 2010 and 2012, Families Canada facilitated the interaction of 20 member organizations to develop activities to meet the goal of “Family Resource Centres: Community Settings that Support Social Inclusion” in their communities.

These sites connected with community partners for outreach and support to isolated new Canadian families. Families Canada served as the hub for the host sites to share their learning and to support one another.

This 24-month project, completed in July 2012, also produced two resources: the Community Engagement Guide for family support practitioners, and the Peer Mentoring Guides for family support practitioners and volunteers. These tools include project lessons learned and are available for download on our resources and publications page.

Funding for the project was provided by the Multiculturalism Program at Citizenship and Immigration Canada.

Families Canada is currently developing a video series called Family Life in Canada. The goal of this funded project is to facilitate the social integration of newcomers, introducing concepts of family dynamics in the Canadian context which may help overcome barriers to social and economic integration.

The project aims to help newcomers become more familiar with family life in Canada, particularly where Canadian norms may be different than the norms in their country of origin, such that they are more confident, especially with respect to parenting in the Canadian context, thereby enabling their family to more fully participate in the social, cultural, economic and civic spheres of Canadian society.

Through a set of short mostly animated videos and, where appropriate, a facilitated follow-up discussion, newcomers will be introduced to some of the more sensitive issues around family violence, child rights, fathering, parenting, being a teen in Canada, gender equality and managing family finances. Viewed at Families Canada member sites or at other settlement support facilities, discussion guides will help local staff facilitate small group exploration of the topics.

Our Partners

  • Secret Level Films
  • Dad Central Ontario
  • Positive Discipline in Everyday Life
  • The Landon Pearson Centre for the Study of Childhood and Children’s Rights
  • The Students Commission of Canada, Centre of Excellence for Youth Engagement

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