Nobody’s Perfect Parent Kit (French Order Form)

Nobody’s Perfect is an education and support program for parents of children from birth to age five, designed to meet the needs of parents who are young, single, socially or geographically isolated, or who have low income or limited formal education. Within a group setting, parents participate in a facilitated learning process which enhances their knowledge and understanding of their child’s behaviour and development, builds upon their skills, and provides them with practical parenting information. For more information about the program, please visit:

The Nobody’s Perfect Parent Kit has evidenced-based content which reflects advances in the areas of child health and safety, behaviour and early child development, as well as parenting coping skills, anger management and family violence prevention information.

The Nobody’s Perfect Parent Kit contains:

5 books (Parents, Body, Mind, Behaviour, and Safety)

1 chart showing child development from birth to 5 years old

1 growth chart for two- to five-year-olds

*Please note: Nobody’s Perfect Parent Kits are meant to be purchased only by certified Nobody’s Perfect facilitators.




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